Save Yourself EP

by Queen Sacrifice

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released March 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Queen Sacrifice Berlin, Germany

Queen Sacrifice is a project organized around the music of Nathan Vanderpool. Many other musicians are also often involved.

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Track Name: 01 Turn
I know how to turn you on
Make a jingle from a folk song
Then I'll show you tits you'll never touch
Convince you you deserve this much
You'll take a second job to pay the bills, cause

Most of our kind would not work at all
If we didn't need the cash
To look good while we go drinking
And we'll eat the moldy meat you cooked
For €1.50 in the park
On the evening after we took more than Jesus would

I believe it doesn't matter, advertisements make me fatter
It's not my fault I can't pole vault
Take a snowball, paint it cobalt, melt it down with heat and sea salt
Take a picture for the folks back home
Track Name: 02 Lights Out
I tried to climb away from the way I feel
At the mountain top, I drank another beer
Hopped up on the master plan to lift myself off of the natural land

Brick by brick I built my tower
Distance was my super power
Hypnotized by how high I could go
Blanketing the ancient fields of battle with shadows

Well it's here... happiness is happiness here
Dreams are balance beams over
Dark dangerous roads that span those years
I try to call that chapter closed
But you won't hear of it

And you know the same blood that sustains us
Will erase us when ashes turn to ashes and dust

I gotta fall in love with the way I feel
And overcome my gravity
Picking myself up off the floor, I'm never much worse off than before

Well it's lights out, lights out, lights out, lights out
Track Name: 03 Ocean (feat. Katharina Metz and Albertine Sarges)
You wanna be a woman
Walk out when the show is golden
And stroll around town to pick up all the jazz from the proles in the park
I'll pick it up, oh I, I'll pick it up

You had all the old ideas
Hid them between your teeth and your tears

And then you swam down to the bottom of the ocean
Opened wide and swallowed up the potion
You said salt will keep my body from decomposing
You swam down to the bottom of the ocean

I'll pull you up, Oh I, I'll pull you up
Track Name: 04 Down to the River
Urban demons side by side
I know no road I can survive
Stepping out on the streets of doubt
I long for a lover's eyes
We'd go down to the river, by the river we'd lie

I'm afraid of happiness
So I piss myself and crawl back into bed
When every mother's son starts to drowning in the flood
We go down to the river and it smells like blood

Slow decay is nature's way
Oh I balk at the thought of lying in the forest
I need a fairy tale to ignore this
Danger bell come peel my fears away

Smoke that chokes my broken mind
It blows and belows blackening the sky
I could never be the man that I'm watching from above
I go down to the river let it drink me up

Storms delayed will have their day
Though I run to the rock, the rock cannot hide me
My loneliness is always inside me
I can't happen any other way

I was born way up in a mountain cathedral
My big brother was a bald eagle
We have powers for good and evil
He got the talons, we got the talent

I was born way up in a mountain cathedral
My big brother was a bald eagle
We have powers for good and evil
He got the talons, we got the talent

We got the talent, we got the talent
We got the talent, we got the talent
We got the talent, we got the talent
we got the talent
Track Name: 05 Save Yourself (feat. Eden Leshem)
Save yourself
You can't save no one else
And even yourself, you'll find
Takes a hell of a run
But everything is great
We can power up here for the way
Just pick your head up off the bar
And ok, now...

Raise a pint
Soften the pain tonight
Close those ungrateful eyes
Seeking yesterday's sun
They stare out into space
Till the past burns the present away
And you become blind to both then and today

Who the fuck am I kiddin'?
You don't need tips for livin'
You're a big girl now
You've got it all figured out
So stand up and stumble on out
Of the arms of your good lovin' man